Accessory Hepatic Lobe Attached To The Anterior Wall of Gall Bladder - A Rare Entity

  • Khalid Ibrahim Department of Surgery Combined Military Hospital Malir Cantt Karachi



Accessory liver lobe is a rare anomaly found incidentally during laparoscopy, laparotomy or abdominal radiographic studies. It may be due to excessive liver development. Mostly it is infrahepatic. If it is pendunculated, patient may present with severe abdominal pain. We are reporting a female who presented with pain right hypochondrium, nausea and vomiting for the last three months with deranged liver function tests. Ultrasound abdomen showed cholelithiasis and nodular structure on anterior wall of gall bladder. CT scan abdomen revealed nodular structure arising from liver with same consistency over anterior wall of gall bladder. Cholecystectomy was done and nodular structure, the accessory liver lobe was resected. Histopathological report confirmed liver tissue.


Key words

Accessory liver lobe, Abdominal pain, Hepatoma.