Fish Bone Causing Small Bowel Perforation Mimicking Acute Appendicitis

Ulas Khan, Sameeah Hanif

  • Sameeah Hanif Department of Surgery DHQ Abbottabad


It is common for people to ingest foreign bodies but perforation of intestine secondary to this is rare. Such perforations may mimic other surgical conditions like acute appendicitis as a result of peritonitis. Fish bone, though elongated with sharp ends, usually does not cause perforation. We present here a case of a middle aged woman presenting with features of acute appendicitis. At surgery a normal appendix was found and on thorough search small bowel perforation noted along with a free floating fish bone in abdominal cavity. Primary repair of perforation was performed and patient recovered without any complication.

Key words 

Foreign body ingestion, Small bowel perforation, Fish bone, Acute abdomen.