Hypertension and Dry Eye

Zeeshan Kamil, Qirat Qurban, Khalid Mahmood

  • Zeeshan Kamil Khalid Eye Clinic Karachi.



To evaluate whether systemic hypertension leads to a decrease in tear film level.

Study design

Observational study.

Place & Duration of study

Khalid Eye Clinic Nazimabad Karachi, from January 2019 to December 2019.


This study recruited a total of hundred patients with fifty known patients of systemic hypertension between the ages of 25 year to 40 year and fifty normotensive patients of the same age group. Patients with history of co existing diabetes, thyroid malfunction, previous history of chronic ocular allergy, glaucoma, and ocular surface disorders were excluded from the study. Tear film level was assessed by observing the level of tear meniscus height on slit lamp examination and by performing Schirmer test on each patient. Every patient was informed about the study dynamics and consent was taken. Study was approved by the institutional ethical review board.


Mean tear film level of Schirmer test in Group A patients (Hypertensive group) was 9.0±0.58 mm, whereas 12.0±0.60mm in Group B (normotensive group). This was found statistically significant with p=0.000.


Tear film level in hypertensive patients was slightly diminished as compared to the patients without systemic hypertension.

Key words

Hypertension, Dry eye, Schirmer test.