Early Postoperative Complications In Patients Undergoing Laparotomy and Ileostomy For Ileal Perforation

Najam Uddin Rajper, Ghansham, Waryam Panhwar, Khalid Rashid, Zeeshan Hyder

  • Ghan sham Department of Surgery Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Karachi



To find out early postoperative complications in patients undergoing laparotomy and ileostomy for ileal perforation.

Study design

Descriptive case series.

Place & Duration of study

Surgical Unit III, Ward-26 Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center Karachi, from June 2015 to 

April 2016.


Patients with peritonitis having ileal perforations were included in this study. Ileostomy was performed under general anesthesia. Early Postoperative complications were noted. Final outcome was assessed at the end of two weeks postoperatively.


Seventy patients were included in the study. Average age of the patients was 33.17±5.32 year. Wound infection was the most common ileostomy related complication (n=14 - 19.72%) followed by skin excoriation (n=10 - 14.08%), wound dehiscence (n=8 - 11.43%), and retraction of stoma (n=5 - 7.04%).


More than 50% of the patients developed stoma related complications of which wound infection occurred in 20%. Stoma related fluid losses also caused morbidity as the reflected by number of patients with skin excoriation and electrolyte imbalance.

Key words

Peritonitis, Ileostomy, Peri-stomal skin excoriation.