Breast Cancer In Women Presenting With Mastalgia

Aun Ali, Summaya Saeed, Saeed Ahmed, Uzair Yaqoob, Ammara Salam, Amjad Siraj Memon

  • Saeed Ahmed Department of Surgery, Surgical Unit V Dow Medical College and Civil Hospital Karachi



To assess the frequency of malignancy in female patients presenting with mastalgia without any other symptoms.

Study design

Observational study.

Place & Duration of study

General Surgery, Civil Hospital Karachi,  from June 2018 to January 2019.


The demographic profile of study participants, type and severity as duration of pain with presence of breast lump, family and menstrual history, use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and comorbid conditions were evaluated. Findings on physical and radiologic examination were then reviewed to assess its relationship with the patient's characteristics. A tru-cut biopsy was performed in those having higher BIRADS lesions to confirm the diagnosis of malignancy.


A total of 158 patients were included. The mean age of patients was 39.8±11.9 year. Majority of the patients (n=111 - 70.3%) were pre-menopausal. The most common symptom was mild pain reported in 73 (46.2%) patients. Eighty-two (51.9%) patients had breast imaging reporting and data system (BIRADS) I grade of radiological lesions. Statically significant relationship was identified between BIRADS classification and type of pain (p=0.018) and with severity of pain (p<0.001). Patients with higher BIRADS scores had non-cyclic and severe pain in post-menopausal period with palpable mass in breast.


Higher BIRADS grading was found significantly more in patients with non-cyclical pain and with higher frequency of malignancy on histopathology.

Key words

Mastalgia, Post-menopausal, Breast cancer, Malignancy.