Policy Guide about AI

A Policy Guide on the use of Artificial Intelligence Publications  

JSP follows ICMJE and WAME recommendations. 

Requirements for Authorship 

Artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted technologies (such as Large Language Models - LLMs, Chabot, or image creators) and related innovations are not considered as authors as they cannot be made responsible for the accuracy, integrity, and originality of the work. 


Authors must disclose whether they have used artificial intelligence assisted technologies as mentioned above in the manuscript submitted for publication. This must be mentioned in the cover letter and in the submitted manuscript. Any use of common grammar correction tools must be mentioned in the cover letter as well.   

Sample Declaration of AI- assisted technologies

We declare that [write the name of AI tool used] for [specific purposes and the section of the manuscript including references]. We mention it with full responsibility that the use of AI complied with ethical standards, ensuring data privacy, avoiding bias, and maintaining accuracy. The text produced in the manuscript is based upon our interpretations of the data of the research conducted and conclusions are also drawn from it (human oversight). We take full responsibility of all the information provided in the manuscript and shall be accountable for any errors in the reporting." 

Guidelines for Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Publishing Scientific Papers

Following information is produced for creating awareness among authors about the use of new technologies for publication in order to maintain integrity of the data collected along-with ethical reporting of research, keeping all the activities transparent. Authors must be accountable if there is any breach of trust. 

Details about the declaration of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the research and publication process are already mentioned above. However, further elaboration of the process is as under. 

Specific Areas of AI Use

Data Collection and Analysis including Statistics: How AI was used to collect or preprocess data (like data sources, algorithms, pre-trained models used, software and others)? 

Literature Review: How AI was utilized to search (describe methods), and produce the text?
Writing Assistance: Mention if exclusive AI tools was used for producing the manuscript. Was there any human oversight employed? 

Ethical Considerations

Ethical compliance must be ensured by the authors while using AI in manuscript writing. This includes observing Data Privacy and Confidentiality, avoiding any Bias and Fairness maintained in obtaining AI output. Accuracy and Validity of the reported research are the responsibility of the authors for which they will be made accountable.

Human Oversight: This is important while using artificial intelligence. It is expected that the final interpretations and conclusions are made by the authors themselves. Any errors noted in the reporting shall make authors accountable. A transparent process must be ensured if any errors are noted. 

Specific AI Tools used: Mention the names of specific AI tools, software, and models used with the version, name of the providers, sources and other relevant details.

This is a living document and shall be update as new technologies are developed.