Usefulness of Debriefing In Surgical Residency Program

Jamshed Akhtar

  • Jamshed Akhtar Department of Paediatric Surgery National Institute of Child Health Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) Karachi


In surgical specialties hand-on experience is considered the most efficient way of learning, however many ethical issues are faced in pursuing such an approach. Use of simulation thus became an important methodology to teach surgical specialties residents, the skills, in an artificial environment that mimic reality. Debriefing is an essential part of simulation based teaching and learning.1

The term debriefing has been defined according to the context, where it is used. Debriefing has its origin in military establishment and aviation industry. It was meant for expressing emotions in order to relieve stress.2 In the field of medical education debriefing is used and its role is now well established in assessment of performance. Debriefing may be defined as an activity where participants review the performance after a task is completed in order to assess how well it was done and what further improvements can be made. A timely debriefing session is considered an essential tool for improving the ability of an individual if same task is performed again. Debriefing is used in medical education as a tool of formative assessment.3 Various models have been proposed for its use in order to enhance performance………………………………..