Workplace Based Assessment Yet To Find Its Place In Pakistani Context

Jamshed Akhtar

  • Jamshed Akhtar Department of Paediatric Surgery National Institute of Child Health Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) Karachi


Workplace-based assessment (WBA) is a type of an assessment tool, used in a formative manner, to assess the performance of a resident in an environment where he /she work. This assessment is different from the usual practice of assessment in summative form as done in exit exam in a simulated environment. Traditional assessment therefore fall short of true reflection of actual performance of a doctor, as working environment may be far different from the set up created for exit examination.1 However there are issues with implementation of this mode of assessment as well as its reliability and validity. The stakeholders’ perspective is also important in this regard as their understanding and how they implement it, is also important.2 …..…………………